We highlight new and classic exciting beers from the very best of the exploding craft brewery scene from both sides of the Atlantic.


For each session we cherry pick a wide range of bottled and canned beers (yes, cans! Trust us - canned beers can be wonderful things..) from American Pale Ales, New Zealand pales, IPA's, Milds, Porters and Stouts. At each stage in the session we will try a beer that illustrates a style, particular hops or malts.

Recent sessions has included beer samples from these fantastic breweries:


  • Ska Brewing - USA

  • Wipe And True - UK

  • Five Points Brewery - UK

  • LIverpool Organic Brewery - UK

  • Northern Monk - UK

  • Sly Fox Brewery - USA

  • Oakham Ales - UK

  • Verdant - UK

  • Brew By Numbers - UK

  • Oskar Blues - USA

We also pass around samples of malt and hops to highlight the contribution of each to the brewing process as we cover each ingredient and how to brew with them.

Birmingham Beer School